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Posted: October 04, 2013

Study shows very little chicken in 'chicken nuggets'

Do you really know what you're eating?


By Russell Mills


If you love chicken nuggets, you may want to take a moment to consider what you're actually eating.

A new study published in the The American Journal of Medicine indicates that those "nuggets" don't contain much in the way of chicken meat.

Randomly selected nuggets from two national fast food chains were "fixed in formalin, sectioned and stained for microscopic analysis," according to the Journal's website.

The findings? "Striated muscle (chicken meat) was not the predominate component in either nugget. Fat was present in equal or greater quantities along with epithelium, bone, nerve, and connective tissue."

Epithelium, if you're wondering, is defined as "the thin, membranous tissue that lines most of the internal and external surfaces of an animal's body, according to

The study concluded that "chicken nuggets are mostly fat, and their name is a misnomer."

The findings are reminiscent of an advertising campaign that asked "what part of the chicken does a nugget come from?"

The study goes on to say the sad truth is, though the nuggets contain little chicken, they taste great -- and especially appeal to children.

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