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Posted: 6:13 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012

Marilyn Monroe's Diet Would Freak Us Out Today 


Marilyn Monroe, 1926-1962 photo
In this May 19, 1962 publicity photo provided by Running Press, actress Marilyn Monroe, right, and celebrity promoter Earl Blackwell pose for a photo at the party following the birthday gala for President John F. Kennedy, where she sang "Happy Birthday," in New York. (AP Photo/Courtesy Running Press)

It's probably safe to say Marilyn Monroe is still considered one of the most beautiful women ever, even fifty years after her death!   Why?  Because of her attitude!  Her style!  And most importantly, her curves!   Do you know she would most likely be considered "plus size" in today's model standards?

So how did she maintain that voluptuous body?  Apparently by eating eggs, milk and ice cream!   There's an old issue of Pageant magazine, where the vixen reveals her diet.   It's not exactly one I'd follow!

According to, for breakfast she would drink a warm cup of milk mixed with two raw eggs.  Then for lunch, she'd eat nothing allowing her hunger to grow for her dinner, which usually consisted of  some type of protein like steak or lamb.  Finally for an evening snack, she'd devour a sundae

As for her workout regimen, at least 10 minutes per day of light weight lifting, to “firm” the areas she used the most.

Imagine following this diet today!  I'm scared just imagining it!

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