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Posted: 9:33 p.m. Monday, June 17, 2013

Chief Keef arrested... AGAIN! 

It's starting to become a habit for Chief Keef and most people actually expect it from his because of his careless ways on his Social Media, but "Sosa" has been arrested AGAIN! The irony is that he was leaving the courthouse for a case where he had plead guilty in court to a count of driving more than 40 over the speed limit. This comes from him being pulled over for doing 110 MPH in a 55. In return the judge banned Chief Keef from driving for 18 months! As he was leaving the court house he was arrested by cops who were waiting for him outside in a separate issue. A warrant had been issued for his arrest after a criminal trespass complaint that was filed back in May. He had been trespassing at a housing complex on the south side of Chicago and had repeatedly been told not to come back. Think he will calm down?