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Ricky Padilla

Posted: 4:22 p.m. Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[VIDEO] Well Damn……Tiny Disses Floyd Mayweather! 

The celebrities were out and walking BET's red carpet Sunday night before the big show! But next to all of the nice outfits and interviews, you may have missed a few things. Tiny who's name has been in the entertainment news quite a bit lately was walking the red carpet when Floyd Mayweather called out her name and tapped her arm. Tiny didn't give Mayweather the time of the day and kept it moving! Now, this could pass for Tiny not seeing Mayweather since her back was toward him but her people sure did and proceeded to move Tiny forward. Check out the footage below!


Floyd probably felt how many basketball players do when their teammate daps the whole team except for them. Denied!