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Ricky Padilla

Posted: 5:43 p.m. Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[PHOTOS] Rihanna Is Catching Heat For Her Tweet! 

Whoops! Earlier this morning Ri Ri tweeted #FreePalestine and her fan definitely reacted. Now, for anyone who's been keeping up with the news would know that this was definitely an accidental tweet.

A source said Rihanna is not pro-Palestine or pro-Israel ... "she is pro-peace," saying, "She doesn't want innocent people dying."

This isn't the first time she's caught heat for a Palestine related issue. It was't too long ago that Rihanna performed in Tel Aviv and was accused of subbing out the lyrics "All I see is dollar signs" for "All I see is Palestine," when she was peforming Pour It Up. It did turn out that she didn't say those lyrics.

If that was a celebrity tweeter who posted that for Rihanna, I'm sure it's safe to say that they may have lost their job today.