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  During a charity event, PRESIDENT OBAMA called out rappers for always having to prove their wealth and masculinity. He blamed racism, saying it causes black men to, quote, "compensate by exaggerating certain stereotypical ways that men are supposed to act. That's a trap."


  We all know PRESIDENT OBAMA can get down to hip-hop, but that doesn't mean he's always a fan of the lyrics. 


  During a town hall for the My Brother's Keeper organization this week, he took aim at rappers for being obsessed with their wealth and virility.


  He said, quote, "If you were really confident about your financial situation, you're probably not gonna be wearing an eight-pound chain around your neck . . .


 Obama even ripped into artist who have women around them twerkin'. You seem stressed that you've gotta be acting that way. I've got one woman that I'm very happy with."


  At the same time, he understands why they do it . . . quote, "Historically, in this society, (racism) sends a message that you are less than and weak, we feel like we've got to compensate by exaggerating certain stereotypical ways that men are supposed to act. That's a trap."

  I must say that i agree 100% with President Obama on this one. I hope this sparks some thinking that’ll result in some positive change for the most popular genre in the world but then again, is the way Hip-Hop is already the reason it’s so big? 

See it all here. Skip to the 55 minute mark 



 Can you believe this is really happening? Now, will it come here to the U.S.A. anytime soon? My guess is probably not. I don’t think the U.S. would let this slide but then again who’s to say. 

  Drivers in the Australian state of Queensland will soon be able to personalize their license plates with emoji. The state’s official license plate vendor, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ), is launching the option on March 1st, with preorders available now.

  There are limits though. Drivers won’t be able to have plates that use only emoji. They’ll be constrained to just one emoji chosen from five options: a face-with-tears-of-joy😂(better known as the crying laughing emoji), sunglasses emoji 😎, winking emoji 😉, smiling emoji 😃, and heart-eyes emoji😍. (So: no eggplants and peaches.) Prices start at 475AUD or around $340.

  If I could use any emoji’s for my plate it would prob read like this: 

🙏BACKOFF💪😎. What emoji’s would you use on yours?

  The Late Night With Seth Myers show had a little fun with this Emoji Licence Plate topic as well. Starts at the 3:48 mark. 

Yes, I Actually WANT To Be Single 

I’ll admit it. I’ve gone on a couple dates since I’ve been in Orlando.

Dating is cool! In my case, I score a free outing and/or free food, and I get to meet new people.

On the flip side, I hate dating because I always get asked the same question over and over again. This special question is typically placed right after the, “How was your day, and what have you been up too?” conversation. After food has been ordered and movie tickets have been purchased, the next series of questions always starts with, “So, why don’t you have a boyfriend?”

Immediately my internal eyes roll because I already know what’s going to happen. “Well,” I start to answer, “I don’t have a boyfriend because I don’t want one.”

My response is almost always followed by a wrinkling of the forehead, or my personal favorite, the laugh along with the follow up question, “What do you mean you don’t want one?”

I mean exactly what I said! I don’t want a boyfriend! Why is it that men find that so difficult to believe that a 30-year-old woman is not sitting around dreaming and hoping and wishing to be in a relationship? Why does the fact that I’m not looking to be in a relationship automatically mean that I must be crazy or that something must be wrong with me?

Maybe I’m focused on my career. Maybe I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I’d be urged to coordinate schedules with you, find time to spend with you, and share my space with you. Maybe, just maybe, this 30-year-old woman has dreams other than being someone’s wife and mother. Maybe I actually like being single!

So fellas, stop assuming that all single women are miserable beings waiting for you to sweep them off their feet. In fact, some of us really are just tolerating you to pass the time, so humble yourself.

*crosses legs and files perfectly manicured nails.*



Meet my boy Ledger. I say I kinda rescued him when we took him out of Puerto Rico when he was just 8 weeks old. 

I flew down and was staying for a few days in San Juan Puerto Rico on an international friendly baseball tournament when I decided to go visit my family where i grew up about a 45 minute drive from San Juan in Juncos.

When I arrived in Juncos I was greeted with the usual Puerto Rican greeting, a kiss on the cheek, a hug and an offer for some food which in my case like many I can never turn it down. 

As I sat and ate my food here comes this bubbly little 8 week old bundle of love and starts gently biting my hand as to say “play with me man”. I couldn’t resist so I began to play with him which lead to me asking my cousin if I can keep him and bring him back to Orlando with me. They were hesitant at first being that he was the one they wanted to keep for themselves but they knew if he stayed in Puerto Rico he would’ve most likely spend 90 percent of his life tied to a fence with a small dingy dirty dog house so they agreed and let him come with me to O-town. 

I called the airline and they told me I had to take him to a pet store and get his shots and papers and after that it would be a $100 charge to bring him aboard and i would have to keep him in bag under my seat. I was already in this far so why stop there? I took him to PetSmart and after $200 more we were all set to go. 

Ledger  is now 6 years old and loves his bacon treats, belly rubs, monkey teddy bear and playing fetch with my son Keaton. Hope you find your happy pet somewhere out there maybe a little closer than Puerto Rico. It’s truly my best find, he’s the best. 


 Usually when I hear about a video involving a cop and 2 minority children, I tend to think it’s not gonna be a positive video and will involve some type of violence or injustice but i’m super glad this one is not only different but positive. Not all cops are monsters and it’s so good to see this positive in such a negative world we’re living in these days. 

Cpl. C.B. Fleming was answering a call of a gas leak at an apartment complex in South Hill, Virginia, last week, WTVR reported.

As emergency crews checked out the area, Fleming noticed kids playing outside. Once he got the all-clear that there was no threat, he wanted to make sure the girls were not scared because of the emergency, so he got on the ground and played dolls with them, according to WTVR

The video has since gone viral after being posted on Facebook.

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Iesha Roper-Boswell said Fleming is a superhero to her daughter and the other children who live at Mecklenburg Manor apartments.

Fleming told WTVR it’s not out of the ordinary to connect with kids. 

“It’s something I’ve always tried to do,” the 15-year veteran of the force told the television station. “When I got into this job, I knew there was something different, other than just writing tickets and being the bad person all the time. I figured if I could be that bright spot in someone’s day then that’s all that mattered.”

The neighborhood now has their own personal superhero they can go directly to, instead of being afraid to talk to a police officer.

“For him to make my child feel like she’s safe, she doesn’t even have to call 911, she just has to call C.B. if she’s in trouble. I’m glad he made this part of his job. He’s changed my daughter and nieces lives,” Roper-Boswell told WTVR.

Kudos to Cpl. C.B. Fleming for being that bright spot he’d hoped to be. I think it’s a little brighter than he thought after it was caught on video. I’m sure he’s touched everyone who’s come across this story. 

Shawn Mendes Turns On The Sexy In New Calvin Klein Ad

Whew chile! Lemme catch my breath because Calvin Klein is giving us all the sexy eye candy we need for the at least the next month or so. 

Over the weekend the popular denim brand debuted their new campaign with a shirtless Shawn Mendes at the forefront. His pics alone nearly broke the internet. This is the first time Shawn put himself out there as a sex symbol, and even though he’s is kinda young for me, he looked GOOD! 

Now we see that rapper Mendes isn’t the only face of the new Calvin Klein campaign. Kendall Jenner, actor Noah Centineo and rapper ASAP Rocky are also apart of this particular campaign, and baby, we need a moment of silence for the sexiness of ASAP Rocky and Noah.

I’m not a connoisseur of Calvin Klein, but ASAP Rocky may make me change my mind! Check out the ad for yourself, and thank me later! 


I don’t think this is what people had in mind when they read the headline ‘DIDDY GETS STOMPED’ . In an already violent and frowned upon genre i’m glad to have found out the truth as I read the story past it’s headline. 

A man visiting Madame Tussauds in Times Square apparently had a beef with the Diddy wax figure at the tourist attraction.

The man, for whom police are still looking for, first started yelling at the wax likeness of Sean Combs, also known as P.Diddy, before he knocked over the figure, making the head fall off, then stomped on it, WNBC reported.  

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The man then left the museum.

It all happened around 8:45 p.m. Saturday, The Associated Press reported.

Police were still looking for the suspect on Monday, according to the AP.

The statue was unveiled in 2009, the AP reported

He better hope Diddy or his people don’t find him first and wax that ass.. Remember, Diddy trained with Mark Wahlberg.

Ja Rule Hints That He’s Planning Another Music Festival

WHY?! That’s the question many are asking after Ja Rule hinted that he may be planning another music festival. 

Wait, let’s back up a bit. Hulu and Netflix both have some very interesting documentaries on Fyre Fest. Not sure if you remember, but Fyre Fest was this amazing Coachella like music fest in Bahamas, that NEVER HAPPENED. Well actually, the festival sort of happened, but it was a disaster. Thousands of people were promised the time of their lives, gourmet food, but instead, they end up stranded iN the middle of nowhere fighting to stay alive.

Ja Rule was one of the creators of this huge flop of a festival, and now he’s talking about planning another fest, one he says will be “Iconic.”

Ja Rule, here’s a bit of advice; juyst walk away, say no, leave it alone and never visit the music festival idea again.


As a middle school kid, you’d always wanna be cool and up to date with the styles and trends your peers were rockin’ but when my family moved to Rochester, New York from Puerto Rico we were in no means a wealthy or middle class family. In fact we were on the lower end of that spectrum and though my mom hated it, we were on welfare and we did make the line a few times for that government cheese.

As we worked our way up and out of welfare, my mom and dad would wait months to get us haircuts and we could forget it if we wanted brand name things when it came time to buying clothes or sneakers, which only happened once a year before the school year and that was all through layaway anyways so we still had to wait what felt like forever for new things. By the time we got them out of layaway they were out of style.

One of the trips would always be to Payless Shoe Source where we would get our 1 pair of imitation NIKE’s and 1 pair of church hard bottom shoes. I hated pulling up to that store because to me that meant another year of us wearing BOBO’s(hood name for busted or imitation sneakers) and risk being the laughing stock at the middle school bus stop.

There were some years where my shoes would be falling apart because of the snow wearing the adhesive off the souls so by the time I got home from school I had my toes sticking out the front or heel poking out the back. I would fix that by applying crazy glue to the souls and pinching the sneakers between the ground and one of the legs of our bunk-bed so it would pinch it down and make it stick and ready to wear to school again the next morning.

The first time my mom got me a pair of sneakers that weren’t from Payless they were BK’s(British Knights) which were popular back then and these from the mall so I finally felt cool and proud to show them off, unlike the Bobo’s from before.

When I started working and making my own money I became obsessed with buying all the sneakers I couldn't afford as a kid and went a little crazy buying shoes left and right and at one point I owned 398 pair of shoes. Yes, 398 pair.

My obsession with buying shoes did not end until I took a trip with some friends to the Dominican Republic where one of my friends families lived in real 3rd world type poverty in wooden shacks with aluminum siding roofs and no running water, no electricity, no heat no a/c and I could go on with more but I think you get the point.

One of my friends Dominican cousins who was a local was gonna come out and party with us Americans for a night when I noticed we were all dressed nice with new shoes but the cousin had on some busted beat up holey sneakers. I asked him his size and he was the same as I was so I let him wear a pair of shoes I brought with me in my luggage. The whole night we were partying in the club, us Americans were busy trying to party and chat and party with the girls but when I looked over to my buddies cousin, he couldn’t take his eyes off the shoes i’d lent him so I walked over and asked him, “do you like those shoes”? He replied, “Yes, I like them a lot” so I told him, “They’re yours, you can keep them and he started to cry because nobody has ever given him anything like that before.

That touched me so much that when we came back to Orlando from the Dominican Republic trip I went into my closet and did some major spring cleaning by sending him 350 of the 394 pairs of shoes I had because I enjoyed the feeling I got from giving him those shoes way more than the feeling of buying them for myself.

Sorry, not sorry

If this is true about R. Kelly, I say throw him with the BIG dogs and no protection in prison where he belongs. On the other hand tho, If it’s not true I believe the accuser should face the stiff punishment as well for almost ruining a life.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for pedophiles of any kind. In my opinion you shouldn’t be protected from anyone for fear of retaliation for your crime. Here’s an idea, don’t do the damn crime so you wont have to worry about it. Other than that, let them get their asses whooped or worse like they all deserve on the daily.

I would seriously vote YES on castration for these monsters if it were ever made a law. Maybe that’ll scare them from even thinking about it before they commit their satanic injustice. 

A never-before-seen sex tape that allegedly shows R. Kelly having sex with a teenage girl has been turned in to investigators in Chicago, according to multiple reports.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti told CNN that a man, who he called a whistleblower against the singer, handed over the footage to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago last weekend. 

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“My client knows the identity of the girl and R. Kelly,” Avenatti told CNN. “He identified the two of them on the videotape. He worked for and has known R. Kelly for decades and he met the girl on a number of occasions.”

View image on Twitter

Michael Avenatti@MichaelAvenatti

In response to press inquiries, attached is a stmt regarding our work on the R. Kelly matter since April, including the discovery of new critical video evidence establishing his guilt. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that this predator is brought to justice.

The news network was given access to the 43-minute recording. The video shows a naked man performing multiple sex acts with a girl, who refers to her body parts as being 14 years old, according to CNN.

One of Kelly’s Atlanta accusers will travel to Chicago Thursday evening to meet with Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx, WSB-TV reported.

#Rkelly ‘s attorney in response to new tape release. @AttorneyGriggs says Atlanta accusers will head to Chicago this week to meet with prosecutors. Expects them to be asked to ID people in the tape. @wsbtv

For decades, Kelly has been at the center of several sexual assault allegations, which he has denied.

>> 'Let these girls go': Alleged victim's family begs R. Kelly to stop reported abuse against women

In 2002, he was charged with 21 counts of child pornography after a sex tape that allegedly captured the musician urinating on an underage girl surfaced. He pleaded not guilty and was acquitted of all charges in 2008. We’re now in 2019 so we’ll see if any charges will be strong enough to stick  this time around with proof. 

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