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A New Workout Program Shocks You While You Exercise . . . and Produces Way Quicker Results?

A New Workout Program Shocks You While You Exercise . . . and Produces Way Quicker Results?

A gym in New York City called Shock Therapy hooks people up to special suits that are powered with something called Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology.

So while you’re exercising, it’s sending safe little pulses of electricity through your muscles, which helps activate them and makes the training more effective.

And they say that the shocks are so effective that you’ll get results in HALF the time it would normally take.  Their workouts only last 30 minutes, but the benefits to your body are just like the ones you’d get if you worked out normally for an hour.

They’re charging $50 per class for the treatment.  And there’s no word on whether they plan to expand their program to other gyms or other cities.


Pete Davidson Covered Up Tattoos Of Ex Before Reported Engagement To Ariana Grande

If you’re just tuning in to this Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson drama, then here’s a quick update. Ariana and Pete are reportedly engaged after just a few weeks of dating. Both Grande and Davidson split from their now exes mid-May, with Grande splitting form Mac Miller and Davidson ending a two-year relationship with Cazzie David, comedian and daughter of Larry David. then, less than two weeks later they both are in a relationship and Davidson debuted new tattoos featuring Grande’s initials and the black bunny mask from the cover of her 2016 album “Dangerous Woman.” Some have questioned how Davidson could break up with a girlfriend, cover up a tattoo of HER and start dating someone else all within about a week.  

Tabloid Trash: Did Bill Cosby’s Wife Leave Him?

Bill Cosby hasn’t been sentenced yet, but his punishment has already begun.  According to the not-always-reliable  Radar Online, Bill’s wife Camille has MOVED OUT of their Philadelphia home, and she’s going to file for divorce. Even Bill’s three living children have abandoned him.  They’re with Camille at a home in Massachusetts, and haven’t visited their dad in months. The source says Bill begged Camille to stay, but she’s not interested.  “She wants to leave his scandal behind her.  She has no interest in seeing Bill.  She doesn’t want his reputation affecting the life she’s building for herself.” She’s even planning to sell the house in Philly once Bill is behind bars.

Wine-Flavored Water Now Exists . . . If You Want the Taste of Watered Down Wine

A new WINE-FLAVORED WATER is going on sale in July.  It’s like bottled water, but they use wine grapes to infuse a little bit of flavor into it . . . and it’s non-alcoholic.  So yeah, it’s just like super watered down wine that won’t get you drunk.

It comes in both red and white.  And if it somehow appeals to you, it’s called O. Vine Wine Grape Infused Water . . . and you can go to next month to find out where to buy it.

Kim Kardashian is trying to get Twitter to add an edit function

Kim Kadashian is really trying to be influential these days.  One week after getting President Trump to pardon a woman who did 20 years in prison on a drug rap . . . she’s trying to get Twitter to add an ‘Edit’ button.

Facebook and Instagram both have an edit function.  But if you botch something on Twitter, you have to delete it and do it over again.  But Kim is  working on it.

She says she talked to CEO Jack Dorsey about it, and he “really heard her out.”  Dorsey joked about the conversation with Kim . . . but hasn’t said whether or not it’s happening.

Angelina Jolie could be losing primary custody of her six kids

Brad Pitt and Angelina are in a bit of a custody battle, because Brad allegedly believes she’s alienating the kids from him . . . maybe she’s talking smack about him, or otherwise trying to keep him out of their lives.

And now, a court has ordered Angelina to take steps to improve the kids’ relationship with Brad . . . and if she doesn’t, she could lose primary custody.

The court says Brad should get a summer visitation schedule, and easy phone access for calls and texts between him and each of the kids, without monitoring or interference.  Supposedly, Angelina has agreed to this.

Kylie Jenner has deleted all photos of Stormi Webster’s face from Instagram

Kylie Jenner has deleted all photos of Stormi Webster’s face from Instagram.

She shared a new selfie showing off her freckles while Stormi’s face remained hidden from view.  “I spy with my little eye…,” Kylie Jenner wrote.

When an Instagram user noted Kylie had “cut her baby out” of the photo, the new mom replied, “Yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.”

Kylie didn’t go into detail about her reasoning behind the decision.

Are Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Engaged?

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson just publicly confirmed that they’re dating – TWO WEEKS ago . . . they’re moving incredibly fast. Then a couple days after that, Pete got a few tattoos inspired by Ariana, and NOW they’ve found another way to express that they’ll be together until death…  According to reports, they’re already ENGAGED. They’ve been dating longer than those two weeks, BUT it’s still been less than a month.  It was only a month ago that Ariana broke up with Mac Miller , her boyfriend of two years.

It’s Official: A “Game of Thrones” Prequel Series is Coming

HBO made it official over the weekend:  A  “Game of Thrones” prequel series is happening.  And yes, George R.R. Martin is helping to develop it.

Here’s the official synopsis . . . “Taking place thousands of years before the events of  ‘Game of Thrones’, the series chronicles the world’s descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour.

“And only one thing is for sure:  From the horrifying secrets of Westeros’ history to the true origin of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend . . . it’s not the story we think we know.”

Don’t expect to see it anytime soon, though.  An HBO suit recently said that any spin-off wouldn’t air until at least a year after the final season of  “Game of Thrones”, which doesn’t even start until next year.

Anthony Bourdain Committed Suicide on Friday . . . Here’s What We Know

By now, you’ve probably heard about the death of Anthony Bourdain, who committed suicide in France early Friday morning.  He was 61.  But there were a few developments over the weekend . . .

Anthony reportedly hung himself in a hotel bathroom using the belt from his bath robe.  The local police say there’s no indication that anyone else had been there that morning, and there’s no sign of foul play.

Anthony’s friend, chef Eric Ripert, found his body in the hotel room.  They’d been filming an episode of Anthony’s travel and food show,  “Parts Unknown”.

Anthony had been dating Italian actress Asia Argento for more than a year.  She said, “Anthony gave all of himself in everything he did.  His brilliant, fearless spirit touched and inspired so many, and his generosity knew no bounds.

“He was my love, my rock, my protector.  I am beyond devastated.  My thoughts are with his family.  I would ask that you respect their privacy and mine.”

It’s worth noting that it’s unclear whether they were still together at the time of his death.

Justin Bieber Sued, Got Into An All-Out Street Brawl

Justin Bieber being sued by the man he got into an all-out street brawl with in Cleveland after Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

Tobias Cannon just filed the lawsuit in L.A. against the Biebs.

The fight happened outside of Bieber’s hotel room and you can see in the video Justin gets into what appears to be a heated confrontation before Tobias throws a blow to Justin’s head.

Bieber responded with a right hook and then all hell broke loose.

According to the lawsuit, Tobias claims he suffered injuries to his head, neck and back … also saying he lost consciousness during the fight.


Maury Invites Drake to Paternity Test. Is He The Father?

Maury Povich just invited Drake on his show to find out if he is the father!

As we’ve reported, there is an adult star who claims her son Adonis is Drake’s son.

Maury says he’s offered his expertise to other rappers in the past, most recently a lie detector test to Cardi B and Offset who went through a rough patch of alleged cheating shortly before she announced she’s pregnant.

Walmart Is Giving Everyone Free Pizza Today Just For Stopping By

Last year, Walmart tweaked the recipe for their brand of frozen pizza . . . and everyone HATED it.  So now, they’re switching back to the old recipe.

And to celebrate, they’re giving out slices today . . . for free.  All you have to do is go to a Walmart and they’ll give you a slice of pizza.

It’s not at every single Walmart, so you may want to call first . . . and it’s one slice per person.

Two-Thirds of Women Would Rather Marry a Guy With a Dad Bod Than Abs


Go ahead and eat that sixth doughnut or eat a big bowl of gravy.  It’s only making you MORE attractive.

According to a new survey, two-thirds of women say they’d rather marry someone with a DAD BOD than someone with six-pack abs.

Women say they think that men with dad bods are more confident . . . attractive . . . and take it even further and say they’re SEXY.




Fashion Designer Kate Spade Committed Suicide

Fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead in her New York City apartment yesterday.  She had committed suicide by hanging herself.  She was only 55 years old.

And how freaky is this:  Monday night, she was the  answer  to a “Jeopardy!” question .

Peter Sblendorio @petersblendorio Kate Spade was the answer to a question on Jeopardy! last night.

She left a note behind, and sources say part of it was a message to her 13-year-old daughter, saying it wasn’t her fault.

Kate’s husband and business partner Andy Spade was in the apartment at the time . . . but their daughter was at school.  It was a maid who found Kate’s body.

Kate’s company has over 140 retail and outlet stores in the U.S., and more than 175 internationally.  She rose to fame in the early ’90s, after cashing in her 401k to launch a line of handbags.

Kate’s husband Andy is the brother of actor DAVID SPADE.  She even appeared on his sitcom  “Just Shoot Me” in 2002.  David said, “She was so sharp and quick on her feet.  She could make me laugh so hard.  I still can’t believe it.  It’s a rough world out there people, try to hang on.”

Sources say Kate and Andy were having marriage  problems.

The White House’s Philadelphia Eagles / National Anthem Celebration Was Bizarre

With no Super Bowl champions to welcome, President Trump still went forward with his “celebration of the American flag with Eagles fans.” Problem was, there were no Eagles fans.

When Trump found out that most of the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t want to attend the traditional White House visit, he dis-invited the team, and turned it into a celebration of America and the National Anthem.

Trump  scolded the players for disappointing the “1,000 fans planning to attend” . . . but apparently, THEY backed out too.

A Philly reporter who was there could only find “one or two” Eagles logos in the crowd . . . and everyone was wearing suits, like they were government staffers and lobbyists.  Because they were.

View image on Twitter Slate @Slate Many of the “Eagles fans” at Trump’s patriotism rally looked suspiciously like White House and congressional interns:   5:21 PM – Jun 5, 2018 387 267 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy View image on Twitter Dana Milbank @Milbank Do all Eagles fans wear business suits? 2:58 PM – Jun 5, 2018 618 382 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy

Are These the Top 50 Albums of the Year So Far? put together a rundown of ‘The 50 Best Albums of 2018 (So Far),’ according to CRITICS . . . not sales.

For anyone under the age of 25, “albums” are collections of songs . . . kind of like playlists . . . only they’re all released at the same time, usually by a single artist.

Here are 10 highlights, in no particular order . . .

1.  Camila Cabello,  “Camila​”

2.  Cardi B,  “Invasion of Privacy​”

3.  J. Cole,  “KOD​”

4.  Janelle Monae,  “Dirty Computer​”

5.  Justin Timberlake,  “Man of the Woods​”

6.  Kacey Musgraves,  “Golden Hour​”

7.  MGMT,  “Little Dark Age​”

8.  Post Malone,  “Beerbongs and Bentleys”

9.  Shawn Mendes,  “Shawn Mendes​”

10.  The  “Black Panther” soundtrack

TMZ Says a New “Roseanne” Show Will Be Announced Very Soon

ABC is moving ahead with a new  “Roseanne” show… without ROSEANNE BARR.

It’s still unclear how it’s going to work, but they say it could focus on Sara Gilbert’s character, Darlene.

Sara DID address the cancellation on  “The Talk” yesterday.

Legally Blonde… 3?

Reese Witherspoon is returning as Elle Woods in the  “Legally Blonde” movies. She’s  in talks to do  “Legally Blonde 3”.  There aren’t any other details for now . . . so it’s unclear which other cast members might be back, or what it’ll be about.   Reese did the first  “Legally Blonde” 17 years ago, in 2001. Then, the sequel  “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White &amp; Blonde” came out in 2003.


Did Demi Lovato Prank Her Bodyguard by Having Him Sexually Assaulted?

On Twitter yesterday, someone asked Demi Lovato about the “funkiest prank” she ever pulled on someone.  It turns out it was a gag she played on her bodyguard Max.

She said, “I hired a lady of the night in Vegas and sent her to Max’s hotel room to surprise him.  She walked into his room without permission and grabbed him in his ‘area’ and he freaked the [eff] out hahahaha.”

The blowback was immediate from people who said that what the prostitute did to Max is SEXUAL ASSAULT.

At first, Demi fought back, Tweeting, “For all of those coming at me right now, listen to the lyrics of  ‘Warrior’ and maybe you’ll have more compassion for someone who made a simple mistake.

“Of all people I know about sexual abuse.  You don’t have to educate me.”

But then she  added, “So sorry if anyone was offended.”


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