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    Oct. 30, 2014

    [Music Video] Jeezy "Black Eskimo

    He's currently on tour right now but he took time out to film a video for one of his many bangers on the new album "Seen It All" and this one is called "Black Eskimo.

    Short and Long Celebrity Hairstyles

    Rihanna reveals when her new album is coming

    It appears that Rihanna is about to surprise us with a new album! Or does it? She recently gave some insite to our friends at ET a heads up on her new music.


    Does Diddy Think BET Sold Out?

    Diddy wants his Revolt TV network to be a "platform for musical artists to showcase their talents visually.


    [VIDEO] Rick Ross Explains Weight Loss!

    Rick Ross has lost a whole bunch of weight recently, which he totally says was because he ate "pears, and s**t like that.